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okay sleep, now, and the next I see you will definitely be the time I see you next.




Do you ever stop and realize that the average person doesn’t know what a ship is or what canon means.

We probably just all sound like pirates.


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Trust Me

“We’re friends, right?” Like it was that easy. Like anything with Derek was ever that easy. Stiles cleared his throat, eyes scanning down Derek’s drawn expression, his tense form.

“I’d like to think so.”

i wouldn’t mind if 4x02 followed this a bit

Aww someone rec’d my fic!! Thanks so much! <3


Written to “Love The Way You Lie”, Eminem ft Rihanna

He thought he would hate it. Hate touching her. Hands on her skin. He thought everything about her would disgust him to the point of running away no looking back or puking on site. He thought the memory of what she did would suffocate him. give him the urge to kill her without a care in the world about the consequences.

He feared he could love it. Love feeling her smooth skin under his palms, love hearing her soft words in his ear. He feared the memory of his love would suffocate him as his lips met hers. Believing everything could have a happy ending this time, maybe they could just, maybe if he did it well this time.

He didn’t expect enjoying seeing her lose control with only the touch of his fingers between her legs. Watching her lose sight of the reason she was here with him, manipulations long forgotten as her breathing became heavy and her eyelids shut.

Definitely didn’t expect enjoying being the one pushing her to the edge and causing her end.

Always saw himself as the teenage boy under her spell with no escape and no will to even try though no happy ending was possible..

Surprised to find happiness again in her orgasm as much as in the blade sinking into her stomach.

It wasn’t part of the plan but boy did it felt good.

soooo … Teen Wolf.

I kind of don’t want to watch 411 tomorrow and wait to watch it with 412 next week but that means staying away from tumblr and twitter at least a week and that? I don’t think I can do. 

Not reading stuff, maybe, but not talking with people? Not so much.

So I set up a new tumblr just for that here and I’m gonna try and use only this for a week.

You’ll probably see me come back here in two days, failing entirely, but it’s worth a try.


So this is how my friend helped me not completely freak out over that work stuff yesterday, singing and making me sing Let It Go.

and you know what? It helped!



An identification chart of 42 North American butterflies.

By artist Eleanor Lutz. You can find the full sized GIF here or pick up a poster for your room here.

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If something happens, don’t expect me to risk my life trying to save yours.

The true measure of power is not how deftly we can assert our authority but how much kindness and compassion we can show others in their greatest moments of vulnerability.

Song shuffle or not I’m not writing Derek/Kate, I say as I take my notebook out of my purse and words already start flowing towards my fingers.
Damn it brain.