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Because I was recently reminded of this post about Derek Hale having a calming effect on babies

There are five schedules pinned to the wall of his loft. One is feeding, one is changing, one is naptimes and bedtimes, one is the phases of the moon and the last is developmental milestones for the next eighteen years. Stiles came in like a whirlwind yesterday and stuck them all onto one of the bare brick walls. They’re highlighted, they have stars and stickers all over them and Derek is pretty sure one of them is written in code. “I mean, those are hieroglyphics, right?” he asks Emma. Emma just keeps gnawing at the collar of his Henley. “I feel like he’s trying to confuse me and patronize me at the same time,” he adds, shifting a little so she’s more secure on his hip. “I try and feed a baby steak once, and suddenly I’m a terrible parent.”

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Asker tragicbarnes Asks:
Well, we can be sure of a few things. Derek won't /die/. You don't give that shit away. Draeden, whatever it ends up being, won't be endgame. Peter probably isn't the Benefactor (?Tho thoughts on his shift and dialogue?). Scott dark arc is full speed ahead. That wolf is probably someone (either Scott or Derek, I'm guessing). Parrish gets shirtless and either gets burnt (police car?) or shifts into something~. Derek takes action and Lydia&Stiles look like their bearing the burden of the world.
theladyandthewolves theladyandthewolves Said:


they’ve been threatening us with derek’s death since season 2, i’m not worried about that

we’re thinking melissa loses the baby at the moment, and that’s why she breaks down, and malia is looking mighty unhealthy when stiles leaves her behind

with what we know of parrish the idea of phoenix/ifrit/fire beastie seems to be prevalent

Melissa breaks down with Liam stepdad by her side, right after we’ve seen an image of Scott with red eyes and traces of black goo on his face, maybe she thinks/someone told her Scott’s dead/almost dead ? I don’t see her reacting that strongly for anything/anyone else, honestly.

(still no sleeping)(so predictable me)

I found it hilarious that people desperatly ask/yell for Sterek right now but re: Derek/Braeden they’re all “oh no but why would they make sex/romance their priority it’s so bs just to bribe the audience”.

okay not hilarious, I found it so hypocrytical tbh.

either Derek can think about sex/romance or he can’t. it’s not double standard whether it’s with Stiles or Braeden, you know.

plus, ever think that sometimes, in the middle of a shitstorm, sex can be comfort? yes, even for Derek just simple comfort, pleasure, fun, adrenaline and orgasms. Sex is not an obligation. But it can be nice if you want.






So… we got a burning sheriff’s car and then Deputy Jordan Parrish struts in like freaking Daenerys the Unburnt - Is he a Targaryan or does anyone have info on supernatural creatures who will survive fire?

and Ryan Kelley is looking hella hot! (pun intended)

Phoenix? ;) Have to look some options up. 

Phoenix was the first that came to mind. But let me tell this: MAN, PARRISH IS SO HOT IN THIS SCENE. I WANT TEN OF HIM IN MY TABLE RIGHT NOW

oh god I didn’t even recognize him! now the question did ALL his clothes burn?

PARRISH NAKED.I NEED. GIVE ME.But, seems that his pants still alive. A shame if you ask me.

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now it’s past 2am and I’m supposed to get up not too late to go to the swimming pool and lunch at Ikea with my mom. It’s going to be hard. But good. And the evening “watching” Comic Con via internet was totally worth it.

Sweet dreams <3

Loved the mid season trailer. Loved it. All the explosions, the blood, the madness, even the possible deaths. Yessss.



Teen Wolf (Season 4) | Mid-Season Trailer (720p HD) download link

Aye! Here’s a cleaner version!! :D

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Tyler Hoechlin @ San Diego Comic Con 2010 - 2014

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