❝ Men fear witches because they take their power from the earth without poisoning the soil. ❞
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"How do I make all of my dreams come true?"


- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle & Kristin Say:

Allow yourself to fail, don’t put shit on the back burner, ask for help, & keep dreaming. Here’s what we mean: 

(1) Allow yourself to fail, because it happens. No one just comes up with a dream and then flies into the sky on a giant dog muppet and gets everything they want. It takes a ton of hard work, a bunch of mistakes you’ve got to learn from, and a crap load of pulling-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps. But you can do it. 

(2) Don’t put shit on the back burner. It’ll be so easy to take a shitty job that pays a little more, but doesn’t allow you the time to do what you love. SO EASY.  Don’t do that. Work the shitty low-paying job that gives you a flexible schedule and supports you following your dreams. Money is not more important than your happiness. Dannielle’s dad always says, “If you like making money now, just wait until you’re making it doin’ what you love.”

(3) Ask for help. People want to help you, they just don’t know how. Ask your friends to help you with a project. Ask your family to help support your newest venture. Ask your co-workers to help loosen up your schedule so you can take the time you need. Ask your old professor how they got started. Ask for help. You can not do it alone. 

(4) Don’t. Fucking. Stop. Dreaming. We don’t care how many goals you’ve achieved… don’t ever stop dreaming bigger. Dream the biggest shit you can possibly dream. You can do it. We promise you.


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From forced frenemies

to bantering acquaintances

to caring allies.

And who knows what the future holds.
Or what happens behind closed doors.
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Top Ten TV Shows

thank you so much Sarah aka celebrate-the-victories for tagging me!

Sorry it took me a while to answer, it’s not that easy to choose only ten!

(I’ve added comments though it wasn’t requested, but it sounded nice)

1. Teen Wolf - if you follow this blog, you know why but mostly for Derek Hale, with his broken heart, broken life, still he stands back up every time he falls

2. How to Get Away with Murder - quality female characters, cast diversity and queer representation, with murder and sex, what else do you need?!

3. Go On - best show about death and grief ever, treated with seriousness /and/ very good humour, with Matthew Perry and John Cho

4. Orphan Black - I really need to watch season 2 but really, the best surprise of last year’s shows

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer - huge inspiration as I grew up, badass ladies, fighting and hurting and loving and never giving up

6. The L Word - I still cry about Dana and will forever have a major crush on Shane

7. Queer As Folk - because Blake. That’s it. Okay no everything is awesome, but mostly Blake, fragile and kind and scared but always trying and finally getting the happiness he deserved

8. Doctor Who - RTD era, don’t mention Moffat unless you wanna start a very long harsh argument, Nine is my Doctor, Donna is my favorite ever

9. Veronica Mars - mystery, sarcasm and female lead, oh yeah! 

10. Arrow - Felicity is my fav, Sara comes second, great work on the representation/diversity, awesome first two seasons, not sure yet about the third though

Bonus: Cold Case - because there’s this one episode, “Daniela” about a young trans woman, it’s the most heartbreaking story ever and it kind of changed everything about how I saw the world


And now, if they want I’m tagging soryenn, @velociraptorerin, laduchessederat, bloodycy and of course any of my silent followers who wants to share those answers with me so we can get to know each other a bit :)

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Weekly challenge 10/19-10/25


This week we’re going back to the basics: Put it away, not down. Save yourself from wasting time and creating a mess by dealing with every item you handle the right way, right away.

Don’t put that coffee cup down on the counter, wash it or put it in the dishwasher. Bringing purchases into the house? Put them away and stash the bags right away. When you kick your shoes off at the end of the day, put them back where they belong instead of leaving them wherever they fall.

Put it away, not down.

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By daniellemarion10


By daniellemarion10

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someone draw me spock and a kitten pls



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online witchessuddenly, they merely have to google the spells they need. their covens stretch across the globe, tied together by skype. they curse a different type of apple now. the world is in their pockets and there it will stay.


online witches
suddenly, they merely have to google the spells they need. their covens stretch across the globe, tied together by skype. they curse a different type of apple now. the world is in their pockets and there it will stay.

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soryenn a réagi à votre billet “I didn’t really like The Maze Runner but it awoke my muse and now I…”

you can always play around with the idea for a few days to see if it makes your creative juices flowing

yes!! that’s exactly what I’m doing, because contrary to my other projects this one lights a spark between my brain and my heart so I know I need to at least try, it’s just a big challenge with not much time to prepare before nano which is the opposite of how I work so I have to stay focused and not give up right away!

but what’s nano if not a freaking challenge in the first place, right?!

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